Get the Power of Overweight!

Overeating is one of those foods that is rich in nutrients, providing the human body with strength & vitality as well as helping to maintain its health.

That is why they are called Super Foods and many of them are already in our kitchen. Every day we cook using the fragrant aroma of cinnamon while giving flavor to our food with the addition of garlic clove. Also, when we want to color a rich breakfast based on tahini, honey, chocolate, what else but to add the sour fruits of cranberries.

These superfoods, in addition to rich aroma & taste that they give to our food, strengthen the cardiovascular, immune, nervous system of the body, while at the same time offering well-being, it has a strong antioxidant effect.

What should I get?


It has been known for 10,000 years for its beneficial effects on the human body and contains over 400 nutrients, mainly allicin. It is the 'ally of your heart', it strengthens the cardiovascular & immune system while at the same time protecting the body from various infections.


In 1954, Pope Pius XII died of old age and then consumed Royal Jelly and mysteriously recovered! The reason was because Royal Jelly contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but mainly due to its action on the unique ‘royal amino acid’ it contains. It is the strength of the immune system in its powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory action.

It is Hypertrophic with a purple color, sour taste & is a treasure trove of nutrients. This is Cranberry that owes its antioxidant activity to the Proanthocyanidins - PACS it contains.

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