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Return Policy

Return Policy

Each Customer has the right to return or replace the Products, that has ordered via the Online Pharmacy, in case they do not find it satisfy for him/her for any reason, by sending a withdrawal form completely filled in either by (fax) 210–6529568 or by e-mail to the e-mail address: You can download the form by clicking HERE.

Returns are only accepted in case the customer has placed an order and received his or her items and payed for them. Only bought and received items can be considered as returns.

Returns are accepted under the following criteria:

  1. The return must take place within fourteen (14) calendar days staring from the date of the product’s receipt for products delivered in Greece and within (20) calendar days for products delivered abroad.
  2.  Returns of products on offer or perishable goods (e.g. baby milk, baby food etc) are not acceptable, with the exception regarding a recall of badge by the supplier companies. In a case of a recall of badge by the supplier company the recalled products may be replaced by products of equal value until the date the supplier has defined. If the badge of products does not belong to a withdrawn badge of the supplier company 7.8 is in force.
  3. The returned product should be not used, should be in perfect condition, just as before the sale in its package and should include all of its contents, as well as any gift that might have been included.
  4. The product returned should be accompanied by the original proof of purchase (retail receipt or invoice).
  5. In the event that the delivered product presents a functionality problem during its operation, the Customer is obliged to inform the Company as soon as possible of the problem presented. If the product is covered by warranty, the customer must contact the manufacturer or dealership to deal with the problem with the device.
  6.  Prior to the return of the product, you should contact the Company via the following email address or send a fax to +302106529568
  7. If the Product delivered is defective (for example, it has been damaged during transportation or packaging), the customer may return the product ONLY to the physical store at his/hers own expense. Defective products are replaced with other new of equal value.
  8. If you simply wish to return a product because you do not wish this product, the shipping and return costs will by your own charge. Refunds for this case are not made and the products have to be replaced by other of equal value. The returned products must be in perfect condition and not opened or used in any way. Products that have been delivered late or at an undesirable time cannot be returned. However, if you exercise the right of refusal of delivery or if the package is described as unclaimed, you are burdened both with the shipping and return of the package (s).


 Procedure and methods of product returns: In case the abovementioned terms of return are fulfilled, you may return the Product you bought:

  1. To the Company‘s store: by visiting its store situated in Holargos Attica (street Aetideon, No. 6), so that the Company’s staff check the condition of the product and guide you about the refund process or replace the defective Product with another one.
  2. Courier delivery: If the access to the Company’s store is not possible, you may send us the product via courier and write on the package that this is addressed to the Department of returns, indicating at the same time if you prefer either the replacement of the product or a refund. The sender of the returned products will be charged for any delivery costs. Delivery costs regarding an order already sent are not refunded. Only the products value can be refunded, and in case all conditions of returns are fulfilled. Company may send also its own courier company to pick up the returned item only in case the customer agrees to pay the related transportation costs.

If the Online Pharmacy considers that the conditions for the return of the product are not fulfilled, then the Product will be returned to the Customer and the shipping costs will be at his/her expense.

All returns are processed usually the same time as delivery of products, which means within 2-3 working days.

  If the customer places an order and pays for it and does not receive it for any reason, then he / she will be charged for the shipping cost of his order   and the cost of returning it, as well as any related expenses (eg customs office's expenses, guarding costs, etc.). ).  Only value of the products   and as long as the parcel has been returned in perfect condition can be refunded.