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The present website belongs to a partnership named "COLOCATED PHARMACIES OF KALLIRROE VELETAKOU AND IOANNIS MACHAIRAS O.E." which is located in Holargos Attica (street Aetideon, No. 6), with Tax Identification Number 800649104, Tax Office Holargos, (hereafter the «Company»).

Via the website (hereafter the «Online Pharmacy»), the Company offers the following services:

a.   to make online purchases of pharmaceutical products, including but not limited to Over-The-Counter ‘OTC’ medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics, medical devices, explicitly excluding prescription medicines and medicines in execution of prescriptions (hereafter the «Products»),

b.    to use the Service «Ask your pharmacist», which allows visitors/members/customers of the website to submit their question regarding the products of the Online Pharmacy, as well as questions concerning health, diet, the use of medicines and dietary supplements etc, to the specialized scientific associates of the Company. All information, advice, recommendation provided in the context of the Service «Ask your pharmacist», under no circumstances substitutes doctor, nutritionist, esthetician advice.   

c.     to browse and submit both comments/evaluations for the Products, that are available via the Online Pharmacy, as well as relevant articles for the Products and the companies, which are responsible to issue and maintain the related license of import and disposal to the Greek market («Supplying Companies»), which are posted to the blog «Magazine depot»

d.    to participate in promotions and several applications (e.g. body mass index quiz etc) via Magazine Depot Blog

Before proceeding to any use of the Online Pharmacy, please, read carefully the following terms.

By the access, browsing, registration or/and use of the website for the information or/and purchase of products that are available via the Online Pharmacy, by the use of the service «Ask your Pharmacist», as well as by the browsing/use of the blog  you declare that you have fully understood the present Terms of Use and that you accept them unconditionally.

1.    Purchases via the Online Pharmacy New members’ registration: The Company provides to the visitors/members of the website the possibility to make purchases of Online Pharmacy available Products. Registration as a member of the Online Pharmacy is not a prerequisite for the purchase of a Product via the Online Pharmacy.

However, all those visitors who would like to become a member of the Online Pharmacy, they may register as “Members” on by completing their personal details in the option New members registration” so as to create their personal account in which they will have exclusive access and be able to make easily and quickly their purchases at a later time, without inserting their details every time they wish to make a purchase via the Online Pharmacy.

In addition, visitors/members/clients who wish to receive “Newsletters” with deals in Products, discount coupons, information about new products’ arrival etc from the Company, can register at the relevant newsletter recipients list receivers of the Online Pharmacy. The visitors/members/customers will also have the ability to request their deletion from the newsletter recipients list via hyperlink, which will be included in the newsletter.

In case that it comes to the knowledge of the Company in any way that a Member has declared false or incorrect data during his/her registration in the Online Pharmacy, the Company reserves the right to refuse the completion of his/her registration, delete his/her account, cancel his/her order or/and the discount coupons that may have been dispatched to him/her.

The discount coupons are personal, non transferable and they cannot be used by any other person apart from the Member to whom they are dispatched. Otherwise the Company reserves the right to cancel the discount coupon. In addition, the Company reserves the right at its sole discretion to stop the redemption of discount coupons, without previous notice of the coupon holders.  

The access to the Member’s Account requires the use of the “user name” and the “password” which are dispatched to the Member by the Company during his registration. In case that the Members detect unauthorized use of their data, they should immediately notify the Company by sending an email to the address in order for the Company to proceed to the deletion of the Account and their personal data from the Online Pharmacy.

2.    Amendments: The Online Pharmacy reserves the right to amend the present Terms of Use at any time and without warning, and update at the same time the present terms and conditions by including any changes or additions. Each visitor/member/customer uses the Online Pharmacy under his/her own exclusive responsibility, whereas under no circumstances should its content be considered that it addresses advice or encouragement in a direct or indirect way towards the visitors/members to proceed to the purchase of any of the Products which are available via the Online Pharmacy. Changes for orders are accepted only within 2 hours after the placed order.

3.    Users/Customers of the Online Pharmacy: The website and available Products are addressed exclusively to adults with full legal capacity. Specifically neither using, nor visiting the website nor/and the ordering of Products via is allowed for people under the age of 18 years old. The Online Pharmacy accepts no liability whatsoever for any visit and/or use of the website from minors/persons with legal incapacity, since it is not possible to verify the identity and age of the visitors/users/customers of the website.

4.    Products for sale in the Online Pharmacy: All Products offered for sale via the Online Pharmacy are supplied to the Company by the Supplying Companies. The Pharmacy reserves the right to cease at any time and without previous warning the support of Online Pharmacy operation, as well as the sale of the Products via it.

5.     Order Form: In order to complete the order of the product, you should complete all the information requested in the Order Form, regarding the specific Product that you wish to buy and submit it to the Online Pharmacy after its completion.

6.     Confirmation email/Agreement:  Upon receipt of your Order Form, the Company will send you an email so as to confirm the receipt of your order. It is explicitly agreed that the agreement between Company and the Customer is concluded once the Company confirms the receipt of the Order Form, with a relevant e-mail that is sent to the Customer.

      The Company reserves the right to cancel the order, and not to proceed in its execution, in case it is ascertained that the Customer declared false or incorrect data in the Order Form or in case there is a change in the current price policy.

        The Company reserves the right to send partially the products of the order in case this is necessary. Customer is not further charged for new shipment.

        The Company reserves the right not to send an order  once the client is due of a certain amount of money either for transportation costs or for value of products, the order is not executed until the final payment is made.

7.    Cancellation of Orders / Return of Products: Each Customer has the right to cancel the order of the Products he has requested via the Online Pharmacy within two (2) hours from sending of his/her relevant order to the Company via e-mailing to the address

Each Customer has the right to return or replace the Products, that has ordered via the Online Pharmacy, in case they do not find it satisfy for him/her for any reason, by sending a withdrawal form completely filled in either by (fax) 210–6529568 or by e-mail to the e-mail address: You can download the form by clicking HERE.

Returns are accepted under the following conditions:

7.1.   The return must take place within fourteen (14) calendar days staring from the date of the product’s receipt for products delivered in Greece and within (20) calendar days for products delivered abroad.

7.2.   Returns of products on offer or perishable goods (e.g. baby milk, baby food etc) are not acceptable, with the excpetion regarding a recall of badge by the supplier companies. In a case of a recall of badge by the supplier company the recalled products may be replaced by products of equal value until the date the supplier has defined. If the badge of products does not belong to a withdrawn badge of the supplier company 7.8 is in force.

7.3.   The returned product should be not used, in perfect condition, just as before the sale in its package and should include all of its contents, as well as any gift that might have been included.

7.4.    The product returned should be accompanied by the original proof of purchase (retail receipt or invoice).

7.5.   In the event that the delivered product presents a functionality problem during its operation, the Customer is obliged to inform the Company as soon as possible of the problem presented. If the product is covered by warranty, the customer must contact the manufacturer or dealership to deal with the problem with the device.

7.6.   Prior to the return of the product, you should contact the Company via the following email address or send a fax to +302106529568

7.7.   If the Product delivered is defective (for example, it has been damaged during transportation or packaging), the customer may return the product ONLY to the physical store at his/hers own expense. Defective products are replaced with other new of equal value.

7.8. If you simply wish to return a product because you do not wish this product, the shipping and return costs will by your own charge. Refunds for this case are not made and the products have to be replaced by other of equal value. The returned products must be in perfect condition and not opened or used in any way. Products that have been delivered late or at an undesirable time cannot be returned. However, if you exercise the right of refusal of delivery or if the package is described as unclaimed, you are burdened both with the shipping and return of the package (s).


8.    Procedure and methods of product returns: In case the abovementioned terms of return are fulfilled, you may return the Product you bought:

8.1.   To the Company‘s store: by visiting its store situated in Holargos Attica (street Aetideon, No. 6), so that the Company’s staff check the condition of the product and guide you about the refund process or replace the defective Product with another one.

8.2.   Courier delivery: If the access to the Company’s store is not possible, you may send us the product via courier and write on the package that this is addressed to the Department of returns, indicating at the same time if you prefer either the replacement of the product or a refund. The sender of the returned products will be charged for any delivery costs. Delivery costs regarding an order already sent are not refunded. Only the products value can be refunded, and in case all conditions of returns are fulfilled.

If the Online Pharmacy considers that the conditions for the return of the product are not fulfilled, then the Product will be returned to the Customer and the shipping costs will be at his/her expense.

9.    Products’ Price: The Company makes every reasonable effort so as to ensure that prices appearing on the Online Pharmacy next to the Products’ images are correct. However if there is a difference between the price appearing next to the Product and the price of the Product in the Order Form, it will be accepted that the product’s price is exclusively the one which regards the current price policy.

10.  depot card: The  depot card cannot be used for your purchases via the Online Store.

11.  Payment: You may pay your order via the following methods:

11.1.    Pay upon Delivery: You may pay your order in cash upon the delivery of the product(s) you have purchased. This method of payment does not concern international orders.

11.2.    Credit Card: You may use your credit card (Visa, Mastercard) upon the completion of your order. We don't accept Diners or American Express. In order to complete the order of the product(s) you prefer, you should complete all the fields in the order form (name, card number, expiration date and issuing bank).

11.3.   Payment in one of our bank accounts mentioned in ways of payment: You have to send us the fax of the bank deposit. Transaction costs weigh the customer and only. If the customer doesn't pay the whole amount of the order company will not ship until the whole amount is payed.

If your order exceeds the amount of thousand euros (€1.000), its payment will be accomplished only via deposit of the amount to a bank account and the presentation of the relevant certificate of deposit.

11.4.    In-store-Payment: You may pay the price of your products upon receipt from our Pharmacy in Aetideon 6, Holargos, Athens, Greece. In case that you go to the store without having placed an order in the online store or without your order is being prepared, the current pricing policy is the one of the physical store and not the one of the e-shop.

11.5.    In case of failure of payment of the due amount (e.g. cases of pay upon delivery) for the purchase and delivery of the Products, the Company reserves the right to request the product’s return at the expense of the Customer.

11.6.    Customers bear the responsibility for the choice of the payment means that complies with the respective applicable tax legislation, particularly as far as transactions with maximum permissible limits are concerned and above which the use of a bank account is requested.

12.  Product availability and delivery time:

All products appearing on the Online Store are immediately available and they may be dispatched from the Company within 1-2 working days, starting from the day of the order (provided that the order is made until 15:30), except for few exceptions having reasons mainly related to the Supplier Companies (e.g. lack of availability, out of stock, abolition/withdrawal of the batch etc). As far as these products are concerned, the Company bounds to make every effort so as to satisfy your order as soon as possible.

If the Product you choose does not appear as «Immediately Available», you may complete the relevant contact form «Ask us about the product», so that our Company notifies you when your product will be available again.

The Company does not guarantee and bears no responsibility in relation to the products’ availability. In addition, the Company has no responsibility if the Supplier Companies renew/amend the package of the Product, increase its price or proceed in its withdrawal from the market.

In any case, if you do not receive the Product you have ordered via the Online Pharmacy within four (4) working days from the time of the order, please contact the Company at the phone number: 2106529568, email:

The Company bears no responsibility in case of Products late delivery from the transportation company to the Customer. The Customer explicitly consents and accepts that the late delivery does not constitute reason for refusal to accept the Products and pay the amount due to the Company relating to the relevant order.

In addition, the Company has no responsibility for the delivery time of Products in case of strikes, extreme weather events, as well as their delivery in inaccessible areas, as determined by courier companies cooperating with the Online Pharmacy.

Electronic Orders with Shipping Method delivery with courier are sent only with the cooperating with the Company- transportation companies.

In case customer wishes to pick up from transportation company this should be written on order or on comments. Otherwise changes cannot be done after the order is placed and if still the customer wishes to change delivery method and pick up from store she/he will be charged with a new cost of delivery.

13.  Transportation cost:

The transportation costs for orders exceeding the amount of twenty nine euros (€29) will be free for the whole area of Greece since the placed order does not exceed the weight of 2 kilos. For every extra kilo there will be an extra charge of 1 euro. In case the package exceeds the normal volume extra charges are made.

Regarding orders of less than twenty nine euros (€29) there is a charge of 2 euros for orders up to 2 kilos. Each extra kilo is charged for one more euro (€1). The pay on delivery method is charged under any circumstances for two additional euros (€2) regardless of the amount of order. Surcharges are made in case the order exceeds the normal volume. Bank deposit and credit card payment don't involve an extra surcharge. Shipping costs for products delivery abroad vary according to the country send, the shipping method chosen and the total weight of products. Under any condition, the amount of transportation expenses will appear on the screen during the time of the order and before its completion.

14.  Warranty: The website provides the content (e.g. information, names, photos, illustrations, description of ingredients and terms of use) «as is» without any warranty explicit or not.

15.  Disclaimer/limitation of liability: The use of the Online Pharmacy is realized exclusively under your responsibility. The Company makes every effort so as to ensure the high level of the Products and services offered via its website.

The Company provides no guarantee that the content of the Online Pharmacy and Blog Magazine depot, as well as the quality of the services offered will meet the needs, demands or expectations of its members/customers. The Company does not have any responsibility for the products pistures and descriptions. In case the supplier company changes the product's packaging or ingredients the Company does not have any responsibility. The Company has no responsibility for any claims (civil or/and criminal), and possible damage (positive damage or indirect loss) as well, which any members/customers of the website or third parties might have for a reason related to the operation of the Online Pharmacy and Blog Magazine depot, or not, or/and the failure to provide services and information, that are available via it or also possible interventions of third parties in Products and information that are available via it. The Company has no responsibility for any claims (civil or/and criminal), and possible damage (positive damage or indirect loss) as well, which might occur due to use of products ordered and received. Customers must check before use products, regarding their expiry date, packaging, good use etc.

The content, information and also the advices which are available via the Online Pharmacy, especially under the service «Ask your pharmacist» do not consist and under no circumstances can they be considered as medical, pharmaceutical, or other advices or conceal any relation between the Company and the visitor/member/customer or urge towards a company or not to specific acts.

The Company is not responsible for the safety of use of the selled products. This is a responsibility of the suppliers producing the products and of the customer using the products. In case any supplier recalls a badge, the Company does not have any further responsibility against the customer, other than replacing the recalled products with others of equal value. The replacement can be done until the date the Company has decided or the supplier. The Company cannot replace products bought from other shops.

The Company provides exclusively and solely information services and under no circumstances urges the purchase or/and use of a specific medicine, substance, product or third party service. The visitors/users/customers use the information of the Online Pharmacy/Blog Magazine depot with their own responsibility acknowledging that under no circumstances they can substitute any medical advice, while the use of the Products and information related to medical issues shall be made upon knowledge of the treating doctor. Especially the use of dietary supplements, which are available via the Online Pharmacy, is made exclusively and solely with Customers’ responsibility.

Any reference or hypertext link (hyperlink) to another site is provided for your convenience and the Online Pharmacy is not responsible for the content, security settings, products and services of the in question websites.

16.  Service «Ask your Pharmacist»: Except for the abovementioned referred regarding disclaimer and limitation of liability, as far as the service «Ask your pharmacist» is concerned, the following are additionally applied: the information and advice provided by experienced scientific associates of the Online Pharmacy for issues concerning health, prevention, beauty, aesthetics and healthy way of life are provided exclusively and solely for information use and they do not substitute medical advice in any case, or opinions, diagnosis and prescriptions from professional doctors, medical institutions and diagnostic centers which customers/members/visitors of the Online Pharmacy shall receive and follow so as to deal with any health or/and beauty issues that may bother him/her.

        Advice and information provided in response to visitors/members/customers’ questions are valid and reliable, without prejudice to the accuracy, completeness and truth of the visitor/member/customers’ information provided, which the Company cannot and is not required to verify from its scientific associates. In case of untrue, inaccurate or/and incomplete information, the Company is discharged from any responsibility regarding the validity of advice provided, as well as responsibility for any damage may arise from the incomplete or inappropriate information/advice.

17.  Blog Magazinedepot /

17.1.    Description of Products and Companies from the Company: The Company makes every effort to provide accurate description of the products and companies, whereas it has no responsibility either for possible inaccuracies for the information provided by the licensees of medicines’ and cosmetics’ production and circulation or possible mistakes that might arise during the posting of the Products.

The Company has no responsibility for any information regarding the Products (especially for the described indications/contraindications), which is included in the Products description on the Online Store/Blog. All descriptions and information provided concerning Products aim to present their overall view and under no circumstances do they substitute the detailed and accurate terms of use, which are incorporated in their package. Consequently, the Customer should always read the terms of use incorporated or enclosed in the package of the Product, whereas the Company has no responsibility for potential contraindications, which have not been included in the relevant field of the Online Store/Blog.

The descriptions of the Supplier Companies and producers have been derived from public accessible sources and the Company has no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the description. If the Supplier Company does not consent to the profile and description of its products, it is requested to communicate directly with the Company.

17.2.    Members’/visitors’ posts: Members/visitors are responsible to ensure that every information, opinion, comment or evaluation they post to the blog Magazine depot does not violate intellectual property rights, undisclosed information or/and personal data.

Members/visitors are bound not to use vulgar or offensive language and also not to post any slanderous, insulting, libelous or intolerant stuff, which could defame products/companies or their reputation, clients and personality or other users/visitors respectively.

The Company reserves the right to refuse to publish, delete or amend any publication that is not consistent to the present term at its absolute discretion and without any warning. Moreover, the Company reserves its right to proceed in any act that seems necessary (indicatively, prohibition-abolition-suspension-restriction of access), in case there is a blog’s misuse or unauthorized use.

The Company does not countersign, support, approve, encourage or agree necessarily with the comments, opinions, material, declarations which are formulated or provided by the users of the blog. Moreover the Company does not guarantee that information posted on the blog by the Users is published upon the licensee’s of the intellectual property rights approval and consequently it cannot guarantee that the stuff can be used freely.

In any case, the Company is not responsible for the choice, supervision or other type of content text check on the Online Shop/Blog and has no ability to intervene with the Products and companies assessment content, which are formulated exclusively and solely by the relevant comments of the Online Stock’s/Blog visitors/members

18.  Security and Confidentiality: The Company makes every effort so as to maintain the data confidentiality which visitors/members/customers provide to the Online Store which are necessary for the completion of the order and the delivery of the Products, as well as data related to their health situation or their way of life. (e.g. as in the case of the service «Ask your pharmacist»).

19.  Personal Data: Visitors/members/customers may be asked to provide, voluntarily, information and personal data so as to register with services, receive updates, order Products and enjoy the services provided by the Online Pharmacy.

The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (ISG 2016/679), any specific national and European legislation in certain areas, the applicable Greek law on the protection of personal data, as well as the protection of of personal data and privacy in the field of electronic communications (Law 3471/2006, as applicable) and the decisions of the Authority ostasias Personal Data (PDPA) for the following purposes:

*      for the provision of services that visitors/members/customers have chosen via the Online Stock (e.g. products purchase, information about new products, participation in contests etc), including the collection and process of position and movement data (e.g. IP address), as well as sensitive personal data that may be provided in the context of the service «Ask your pharmacist».  

*      for better service of members/visitors and improvement of the services provided, mainly via the use of cookies for the members’ recognition, storage several of their preferences, provision of specific services and updates. The visitor/member/customer may regulate his/her browser in such a way, so that the latter either warn him for the use of cookies in specific services, or forbid the use of cookies.

*      to send ‘newsletters’, on the condition that they have the previous electronic consent of  the data entities.

*      to carry out potential competitions upon their consent.

The Company maintains a record with visitors/members/customers’ personal data and does not disclose them to any third party (natural or legal person), excluding the companies that they cooperate with for reasons of operational and computerized service, as well as the competent authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions.

The data subjects, i.e. visitors/members/customers, whose personal data are collected by the Company, have the following rights, under the specific terms and conditions of data protection legislation:

*      the right to access their personal data,

*      the right to object to the processing of their personal data,

*      the right of temporary judicial protection,

*      the right to revoke his/her consent without retroactive effect. Especially for consent to receiving informational/promotional messages by newsletters, the visitor/member/customer may opt-out from receiving newsletters whenever he/she wishes.

The Company has taken all necessary technological and organizational measures taking into consideration the state of the art and makes every effort so as to protect the security and confidentiality of the personal data that collects, and deter any unauthorized/illegal use/access.

The Company collects, keeps and processes personal data for the reasons it has determined and informed the Online Store visitors/members/customers and does not notify personal data to any third party (employee, natural/legal person to whom data are outsourced).

20.  Intellectual property rights: The content of the Online Pharmacy website (indicatively, texts, images, marks, photographs, graphics) are an exclusive property of the Online Pharmacy, its associates or third parties. Any copy, reproduction or retransmission of the material without the written consent of the Online Pharmacy or its associates is forbidden. The content of the website is protected by the Greek and international legislation regarding the protection of intellectual property rights and the violators will be legally prosecuted.

The Online Pharmacy offers its customers limited access permission and use of the Online Store for placement of orders and contact with the Company.

21. Advertised companies and products: The Company may display in selected areas within the Online Store companies or/and health, food products etc. The advertised companies have their own advertising policy and under no circumstances the Company has responsibility for the correctness/accuracy of the advertised company or/and the featured product via the Online Pharmacy. The Company shall not allow the display of advertising claims, which at its discretion do not have any accurate scientific documentation about the featured claims.

The Online Pharmacy content is not related in any case to the products and services displayed in the advertised companies promotional activities, whereas the advertised company is responsible for its compliance with the existing provisions regarding products or services appearing on the Online Store, as well as the way of their display. The Company reserves the right to terminate the display of a product or service, if it ascertains that the latter is not in accordance with the law.

22.  Visitors/members/customers explicitly recognize and accept the fact that the Internet is not an entirely safe environment, while the Company has no responsibility for any data loss or other damage of the recipient or third parties which is owned either to the use or late transmission, interception, deterioration or contamination from viruses. The recipient bears exclusively the responsibility of its system protection from viruses and the acceptance of emails. The Company has no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages that may arise from the website use, data transmission or any possible violation of the terms of use.

23.  The resale of Products that are available via the Online Pharmacy is prohibited.

24.  In the event of products shipping outside the EU, the Company has no obligation to check and provides no warranty regarding the delivery of the product outside EU for any reason. In addition, the Company bears no liability in case that the product ordered is not approved by the competent supervising authority in the country of the product’s delivery, inside or/and outside European Union. In this case transportation and any additional costs are in charge of the recipient.

25.  The Company is not liable for possible additional burdens/charges that may be imposed by the respective customs office of the delivery country and shall be borne entirely by the Products’ recipients.

26.  Under the European Directive 2013/11 / EC and Regulation No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council, which were incorporated in Greek law by Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015 provides the possibility of electronic settlement of consumer disputes with the online dispute resolution platform (ODR-Online Dispute Resolution-ODR) of the European Commission. According to legislation if it is not possible to arrange a direct complaint from the consumer or supplier to pharmacydepot cure and care the following are provided:
1) Electronic Link to the ODR Regulation (EU Platform) No. 524/2013 Click HERE
2) Web link to the relevant alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR) Click HERE
Responsible redress bodies are:
1) The independent authority hellenic consumer's obudsman-Click HERE
2) The independent authority hellenic ombudsman for banking investment services -Click HERE,
where  those concerned can come in contact with in order to resolve their disputes with the company pharmacydepot cure and care. Resolving disputes does concern suppliers and consumers, sales contracts and services, domestic and cross-border disputes. The choice of the authority concerns both parties. With this reference it is taken for granted that pharmacydepot cure and care as a supplier provides all relevant information to resolve the dispute and states that is always willing to use ADR and ODR to resolve disputes, as long as it is deemed impossible to solve disputes with consumers or suppliers on its own.

27. If any term of the present proves invalid, the term in question shall be considered as inapplicable and shall not affect the validity or implementation of the remaining terms.

28.  The abovementioned terms shall be governed by Greek Law and interpreted in accordance with it. Any dispute arising from the use of this website or is related to these Terms is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.

29. For any information regarding these Terms, please contact the Online Pharmacy to the tel. ++302106529568 or send an email to the email address