COVID-19 & Eyes

It is now scientifically proven and widely accepted that the coronavirus can enter our body through the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes.

So the first priority in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 is to clean our hands often, with which we unconsciously touch the eyes, nose or mouth many times a day, but also our face in general. To avoid This is primarily recommended for regular hand washing with soap as well as regular use of antiseptic gels and wipes, preferably with a high concentration of ethyl alcohol to clean hands.

In order to better protect our nose and mouth from droplets that can be suspended for a long time in the air, especially when moving in crowded places (supermarket, banks, etc.), we use masks in the right way. use as mentioned in the following link. Of course, we must be careful that the masks we buy have the appropriate filter and certification, but also that they are properly applied to the face, otherwise they cannot contribute to our protection.

But the possible entrance of the crown that is always underestimated is the eyes. And yet studies show that a new virus can be transmitted to our body through the eyes and its ability to stay in the air for a long time in the form of droplets, enhances this possibility, while perhaps partly explaining its high contagiousness.

In a significant proportion of patients with covid-19, the virus is detectable in tears. In addition, about 1% of patients with confirmed covid-19 also present with conjunctivitis.

Therefore, the protection and daily hygiene of the eyes and the eye area are very important, in order to avoid possible contact and consequently infection with the virus. For people who are at the forefront of dealing with this condition (doctors, nurses, pharmacists) it is also recommended to use special goggles. However, for the majority of the population, it is important not to underestimate the daily health of the eyelids and the eye area.

But how can we protect our eyes and support the cleaning of the eye area?

Our main tool in this battle are pharmaceuticals specialized in cleansing the eyelids and eye area, while preparations in the form of sterile gauze are preferred for greater safety and convenience. Carefully clean the eyelids and eye area once a day, preferably every night before bed or after a warm bath, following the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist. Cleaning is always done externally on a closed eyelid.

Finally, it is undoubtedly useful to instill artificial teardrops 1 to 2 times a day, especially if their active ingredient is Hyaluronic, to support the health of the eye surface that will enhance protection. The formulations that are recommended to be used are those that promote infertility, such as re-closing vials and not multi-purpose systems.

In any case, we avoid unnecessary travel, we stay home and we especially protect vulnerable groups!

Good luck to everyone!

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