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   In this era the external appearance and aesthetics dominate our lives. We give solutions for improving our health problems while we focus on self-confidence. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and be very proud of it without foreign installations at our face (eyeglass frame) the moment we can combine multiple benefits at the lowest possible risk. These benefits are the following:

  • With contact lenses you have a larger field of view than your glasses

  • The contact lens follow the eye on any movement, as a result it gives better vision

  • Contact lenses are more suitable for sports and any other activity because it does not prevent you like your eyeglass frame and doesn't run the risk of bashing them.

  • Maybe a pair of glasses is a trend, although most of us don't dream on our eyes behind them.

   Definitely, contact lenses are not the solution for everyone who suffer from myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. The main limiting factors are presented below:

  • Contact lenses may cause side effects and infections due to misuse, therefore the right choice of contact lenses, the proper installation and cleaning is extremely important decision.

  • Contraindication for contact lenses use are patients who suffer from unstable diabetes, arthritis, thyroid disorders, allergy, dry eye, psoriasis, acne (Staphylococcal infection). Also working in dry or dust environment are factors that prevent the use of contact lenses.

   Another great issue is "hydration" of the interior of eye and this is achieved by the use of eye drops (artificial tears). We've noticed how our eyes always have a liquid film which is renewed each time we blink our eyes, this fluid protects the eye from bacteria, allergens and other contaminants. Besides protecting the eye, this liquid layer helps to better vision when alterations are not presented. Often we feel our eyes dry and tired, mainly from the incorrect use of contact lenses, aging, medications, environmental factors (eg blowing), stay in places that are ventilated by airconditioning only or smoke. These ophthalmic tears can be purchased by anyone from the pharmacy, after consulted by your ophthalmologist or pharmacist about any contraindications.
There are two kinds of eye drops,
1. Eye drops with preservatives This kind of drops contain preservatives which discourage bacterial growth. But preservatives may irritate the eyes especially if treated moderate or severe dry eye.
2. Eye drops without conservative. This kind of drops has fewer additives and is recommended for longer use (more than three times a day), and in cases of moderate to severe dry eye.
To have a comprehensive care for our eyes should use special cleaning products eyelids and eyelashes. It helps to remove mucus and helps throughout the healthy eye. These products may be either a gel or disposable wipes.

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