Sun, the best ally for acne skin.

The sunshine, seawater and carefree summer vacation have as a result the lack of stress during this period, contribute positively to the recession of acne. However, overexposed  to ultraviolet radiation without the required sun protection will bring negative than positive effect. As is well known that excessive exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn, premature aging (wrinkles) and the worst of all skin cancer, so the use of sunscreen is considered necessary.          

            There is a legend about acne, the pros and cons of using sunscreen! The response from dermatologists is favorable to sunscreen with new evolutionary  formulas used and are specially designed for people with acne and oily skin. This question was usually because the oily / combination skin that have acne was not recommended to place on them a greasy sunscreen. This is no longer true because sunscreens aim to people with oily and acne skin, they  have specific products customized to their particular needs, dermatologically tested and water resistant for better protection.

            Experts have suggested that they should use sunscreen  throughout the year and not only the months with intense sunlight even in winter months the ultraviolet radiation reaches our skin and may have side effects. Consult your pharmacist for a sunscreen with sebum and protective action while moisturizing, water resistance and enjoy your summer, sea sports and sunbathing fearlessly.  

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