Why should you breastfeed ?

● Develop a strong emotional relationship with her baby. O Breastfeeding is relaxation time for the same and unique opportunity to learn more of the newborn and be tied with him. O-feeding takes longer than bottle feeding, the baby's reactions vary and slowly develops a tender relationship.
● Usually weakens more easily because of the calories consumed to produce milk for breastfeeding, and has a reduced tendency to store fat in the buttocks.
● During lactation secreted a hormone, oxytocin, which causes contractions in the uterus and normalize the size. Exou and the pain he feels. If not breastfeeding, the return of the uterus about -or choris- drugs simply takes longer and there is more bleeding.
● There is a smaller percentage of anemia, as the season starts later and less osteoporosis rate, depending on the feeding time.
● According to epidemiological studies, the risk is reduced for ovarian cancer, especially in women who breastfeed for a long time.
● A review of major epidemiological studies until 1998 showed a decrease of up to 50% of breast cancer in women who breastfeed at least two years, but this was associated with multiparity at a younger age. H most recent review of 50 studies in 30 countries showed an overall risk reduction of 4% for 12 months breastfeeding, regardless of age.
● When the mother has a serious illness, making unauthorized contact with the baby, or has undergone extensive breast surgery (although this is not absolute, since the resources remain secrete sufficient).
● When the mother is infected with the immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or immunocompromised. (Generally, the medication should be avoided during breastfeeding and to inform the pediatrician before taking them.)
● Diseases such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis is not a contraindication, provided the mother feel relaxed and relaxed, because then only it will be a positive experience for her and her baby.
What problem may occur during breastfeeding
● Many mothers fear that problems will occur during breastfeeding may lead to serious diseases in the future, such as mastitis, which in one's mind has been linked to breast cancer. However, nowhere in the literature not reported mastitis as increased risk factor. H mastitis constitutes inflammation of a blocked ear, which does not allow the free milk outflow. The symptoms are a hard mass, reddish, that hurts. If the blockage is not treated, it may progress to inflammation, ie mastitis. For the blocked resource addressing is warm compresses, massage at the point above the blockage towards the nipple, breast-feeding and frequent cleaning of the teats. If the baby does not empty the breast well, this is done manually or pump. It is important that the mother can not avoid frequent breastfeeding and begins the breast suffering to empty better. H from breastfeeding attitude change in milk helps because drain properly all parts of the breast. The tight clothes and close bras should be avoided. H mastitis additionally treated with antibiotics and antiinflammatories.
● The sore nipples is a condition quite common and is related to the incorrect positioning of the baby's chest. O doctor or midwife will help the mother to place it correctly. It is very important for expectant mothers to be informed during pregnancy for the secrets of breastfeeding and possible problems.

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