How to lose Christmas kilos?

The celebrations usually be combined with overconsumption of food which, according to several surveys, can lead to minor or major weight gain.

The clinical dietitian - biologist Harry Dimosthenopoulos, head to the Dietetic Department of the General Hospital of Athens in Athens, explains how one can lose those extra pounds in a healthy way and without fly the dishes left over.

The diet must be strict?

No. Extreme hypocaloric diets (less than 1000 to 1200 calories a day), diets with extreme texture and strange devices, chemical diets (protein) which excludes an entire food group (eg carbohydrates such as bread, rice and grains) and diets with soups and monofagia usually have the opposite effect.

In order to lose the excess pounds, it follows a careful diet.

What should it contain?

In the celebrations that typically is limited fiber (from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, oily), which provide a feeling of satiety hunger, with relatively few calories.

The fiber should be added to the diet by eating salads and ladera the food and of good starch options (such as wholegrain breakfast cereals, oats, etc.).

After so many simple carbohydrates (from sweet potatoes, rice filling, simply pasta) consumed in holidays, complex carbohydrates (fiber) will begin to better regulate the absorption of sugars in food, to stabilize glucose levels (sugar) blood and mitigate hunger and urge for continuous snacking.

They have place leftovers in the effort to slimming?

Of course they have, especially the most lean and cooked with lighter way proteins. This category includes, for example, a lean piece of pork (without fruits or sauce) and filet of turkey breast or chicken, which can be used as an ingredient in a simple sauce for a light wholegrain pasta, diced as a component of a high satiating salad or added to a simple vegetable soup.

Proteins help in the preservation of muscle tissue, whilst providing good satiety hunger. If there is any leftover protein from the holidays, it can be added to egg, fish or poultry in basic or smaller meals during the day.

Sweets should be cut knife?

More realistic is to disappear gradually from the diet. Practically this means that will be consumed in ever smaller quantities - eg melomakarono a day instead of five or a small slice of cake once daily.

It is also important to be consumed with a meal that contains protein and fiber, because our sweets alone feed with simple sugars that make us more hungry.

How many meals do we need a day?

On holidays the hours of meals are changing, with the main meal of the day to move late in the evening and breakfast often fall "victim" of a night out. Therefore after them to get a program to the diet (based on the principle of "to eat little and often"), which will necessarily include a good breakfast.

Then, there must be constant gaps between meals in order to regulate blood sugar (glucose) in the blood and hunger.

Practically, this means that you will not skip any meal (requires three main meals and two snacks a day).


* In extreme and very strict diets (below 1,000-1,200 calories)

* All diets exclude whole food groups (eg carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, cereals)

* The strange "aids" for slimming

* In the 'chemical' diets

* All diets soups and / or monofagia (only consumption of a particular food or dish)


* At breakfast with lots of fiber and lean protein (such as low-fat dairy, egg) without juices, honey, jam

* In a small cake that is left over from the holidays (eg, a small piece of cake or a melomakarono), but only the first few days of starting the diet and preferably with lunch

* In lean, protein "leftovers" from the holidays (ie no visible fat pork, turkey, chicken) but with no sauce and accompanying (eg fruits)

* The fiber (fruits, salads, oily vegetables, whole breakfast cereals, oats, whole pasta, nuts barley flour, carob, oatmeal total)

* In water, tea, coffee and herbal infusions


Regular exercise is essential to regain your form. Climb stairs, walk, cycling and / or return to the gym.

Source: NEW Insert Health

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