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Asthma is caused by a nonspecific inflammation within the loops, which is related to the oxidation is the most common chronic disease among children, and is one of the main reasons of children's hospitalisation and absense from the school. In our country 15% of children suffer from this disease, while the last 20 years, the number of children with asthma has increased significantly.
It seems that the environment plays a very important role in this increase and more specifically the western way of life. Life in houses that are tightly sealed, not ventilated, with carpets and heavy carpets not moved and cleaned, and not exposed to sunlight, the sitting  and without exercise life and the ready and fast food (fast food), are an aggravating factor.
Eating fast food type does not ensure the necessary substances in order to safeguard the body from asthma. What kids need is foods rich in antioxidants, which can ensure the Mediterranean diet by eating fruits, vegetables and fresh foods in general and if this is not possible to take multivitamin supplements.
Another factor that adversely affects, and is overused medications (like some fever). However, the most serious aggravating factor for asthma are smoking, active or passive.
The prevention and earliest possible treatment of asthma may help reduce the child's absences from school or length of stay in hospital.
Study published recently in the journal «British Journal of Nutrition» showed that multivitamin supplements help in treating childhood asthma.
In particular, the results of the study showed that after 16 weeks, the daily intake of multivitamin supplements such as Pharmaton Kiddi Syrup, circulating in our country significantly improved respiratory function and also significantly reduced the use of reliever medication (short-acting inhaled bronchodilators and use of inhaled corticosteroids administered in chronic maintenance therapy.
"Reducing the use of drugs," according to the researchers' helps to avoid mild but sometimes severe side effects of each drug while contributing to reducing pharmaceutical expenditure. "
This study basically suggests, as has been noted, and the authors, that taking multivitamin supplements, specially designed for baby features, which contain components based on official guidance daily intake and low doses of fat-soluble vitamins (ADEK), should be included in the Guidelines (Guidelines) for the prevention of asthma.
The study was conducted within schools, from representatives of various organizations, lasted 16 weeks and involved in that 192 students with asthma, aged 10-12. The children were divided into two groups: one received a daily multivitamin supplement and the second placebo. For comparison of results in the initiation, and again in the 8th and 16 weeks were used questionnaires specific protocols approved by the international medical community.
The study is based on sound theoretical data and if it is followed by others, multivitamin food supplements might be included in the international guidelines for the treatment of asthma.
British Journal of Nutrition, First View Articles doi: 10.1017/S0007114512004692
S-C. Lee, Y-H. Yang, S-Y. Shuang, S-Y. Huang, W-H.Pan

Haris Katsardi, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Pneumology
T. Coord. Director Pediatric - Children's Pneumonological Department of General Hospital of Athens 'Elpis'

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