How to cleanse your baby?

The body parts of babies needing cleanup are the eyes, ears, nose, hair, sensitive area, nails and hands.

Eyes: Stretch a  gauze, apply sodium chloride injection on it, apply it  after having first your hands cleansed and then gently clean the eyelids and corners of the eye.

Ears: Turning a small cotton ball on top and clean the inside of the ear and then the outer part of the ear. (Avoid cotton swabs, because they can cause irritation).

Nose: There are special devices and spare parts for the decongestion of the nose of babies. Use them.

Face: There are special cleansing milk for sensitive baby skin of the face. Lay out and then clean their face with water.

Hair: Use special shampoo and conditioner for babies scalp. Make them a light massage and ten rinse carefully.

Sensitive area: Special products (baby wipes, emulsions, etc.) until after the diaper change to help avoid creating irritations and cleaned the sensitive babies’ area. The girls want different cleaning from boys. Girls require wiping the sensitive area from front to back and the boys simple external cleaning of  their organs. Ointments for rash help if irritation occurs.


Use wipes to kill germs on your baby’s hands.

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