Enjoy summer without mosquitoes!


   Mosquitoes, every time you leave your home and going on holidays its a big trouble. Especially in cases where the family has children. Mosquitoes are not only moving at night, but the truth is that their maximum effect starts from sunset until crack of dawn. There are mosquitoes in most parts of the country especially in the summer months of the year.

   According to the house everyone should follow some useful tips that might not be so hospitable for them inside the room. These could be the mounting of screens on the windows and vents, the use of insecticides, the use of a fan or air condition, the yellow lamps for exterior use, the regular care of our garden and watering mainly during the morning hours, remove any kind of stagnant water, and then if there is a pool to start using the cleaning filter to remove eggs and larvae of mosquitoes.

   The use of insecticides and specifically the well-known "snake" may be the most efficient but not so friendly with the people who are in contact with (through breathing). Containing pyrethrum, which in some people can have side effects such as irritation of the eyes or skin, nausea and headache. If swallowed can have devastating consequences for the human.
The use of insect repellents is friendly to man. The repellents do not kill mosquitoes but repel. Therefore you may hear mosquitoes around you, but they are going to bite you or your child.

   Children are more sensitive and can easily generate side effects with the use of insect repellents. The Hellenic CDC recommend spreading repellents with DEET to exposed skin, pikaridini or ikaridini, essential oils of eucalyptus or IR3535. Of course everything is based on raw materials are considered harmless to the human with less percentage of side effects.

   Finally, we should read the product instructions before use. Avoid contact of the product with the eyes and mouth of the child or adult. Do not place the product in the child's hands because they tend to put them in their mouths. Adults have to be responsible for the use of products, never contact on irritated skin. Let us pay our attention to anything else, not mosquitoes, since after that will be a distant nightmare for adults and children. Enjoy your vacation.

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