Give an end to pregnancy stretch marks!

90% of women after 24 weeks gestation show fissures. Cause is sudden weight gain. The skin loses its elasticity with the result that cracks and creating a scar known as stretch marks.
Stretch marks occur more frequently during pregnancy and puberty. It can also occur due to obesity or even lifting weights. Genetic factors are important, but the main cause of the appearance of stretch marks is unknown, and theories that increased cortisol in the blood during pregnancy is responsible for the appearance of them have long since abandoned. Stretch marks have a life cycle. At first they are red, purple, and have intense color. In later stages, they become white or silver. Women who have lighter skin types tend to develop pink chaps, while those with darker phototype tend to have stretch marks that are slightly lighter than their skin.

What to do to minimize the likelihood that the stretch marks during pregnancy?
Keep in mind that the priority pregnancy have your baby. Follow the instructions of your gynecologist for your diet. Make exercise and try to increase your weight is small and gradual. Keep your skin tire with the proper creams. Do not use any product in your abdomen. In pharmacy there are several creams, approved by your GP for help. Ask for advice.

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