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Gifts For Women

Helenvita Luxury Collection Tea & Ginger Shower Gel 250ml
Only: 4.50 €
Helenvita Luxury Collection Moringa Shower Gel 250ml
Foaming shower for daily use that leaves soft and velvety skin
Only: 4.50 €
Korres Long Lasting Eyeliner 1,2gr
Intense Colour For 8 Hours Wear. Ideal for outside and inside of the eye.
Only: 7.50 €
Korres Black Volcanic Minerals Shimmering Eyeliner
For Intense Colour And Smudge-Proof Black Rainbow Colors
Only: 7.55 €
Aloe Plus Colors Silky Touch Gift Set
Only: 7.70 €
Aloe + Colors
Aloe+ Colors Just Breathe Gift Set
The Gift Set includes a body cream and a body mist with a wonderful aroma t...
Only: 7.90 €
Aloe + Colors
Aloe Colors x Think Pig The Fragrance of Joy
A unique gift box which includes cream soap, hand cream & eau de toilette
Only: 7.98 €
Macrovita Gift Pack Fly On Board Pure Olive Oil Soap 125gr. + Hydrating Hand Cream 60ml.
Travel Set
Only: 8.50 €
Macrovita Gift Pack Fly on Board Moisturizing Hand Cream 60ml. + Cream for Creacked Skin 60ml.
Travel set
Only: 8.68 €
Panthenol Extra 2 Weeks Beauty Dairy
12 Beauty Masks + 2 Scrubs For Every Skin Need
Only: 8.75 €
Panthenol Extra Face + Eye Cream 50ml + Gift Micellar True Cleanser 3in1 100ml
Anti-Wrinkle Face & Eye Cream & Facial Cleansing Moisturizer
Only: 8.80 €
Panthenol Extra Night Cream 50ml + Gift Micellar True Cleanser 100ml
Complete Care & Beauty Package
Only: 8.85 €
Aloe + Colors
Aloe+ Colors So Velvet Gift Set
The So Velvet Aloe Colors Gift Set includes a body cream and a body mist wi...
Only: 8.90 €
Korres Mediterranean Vanilla Showergel 250ml + Body Milk 125ml
Shower gel with vanilla flowers + Body lotion with vanilla flowers
Only: 9.30 €
Medisei Panthenol Extra Wild Petal Eau de Toilette 50ml
Exuberant, addictive, seductive women's fragrance.
Only: 9.31 €
Panthenol Extra In Love - Face & Body Hydration 200ml
Moisturizing day cream, body lotion and gift of silver earrings
Only: 9.90 €
Aloe + Colors
Aloe + Colors Ho Ho Ho Gift Set
The Ho Ho Ho Aloe Colors Gift Set includes a body cream and a body mist wit...
Only: 9.90 €
Nuxe Bee Happy Set Reve De Miel Hand & Nail Cream 30ml + Lip Moisturizing Stick 4gr
Cream for dry and damaged hands + Moisturizing lip stick
Only: 10.10 €
Panthenol Extra Face & Eye 50ml + Gift Facial Cleanser 150ml
Anti Wrinkle Cream for Face and Eyes & Facial Cleanser gel with Chamomile
Only: 10.15 €
Korres Set Pure Greek Olive Sea Salt Body Milk 200ml + Showergel 250ml
Moisturizing Shower Gel & Moisturizing Body Cream with Sea Salt Scent
Only: 10.20 €
Aloe + Colors
Aloe+Colors Be Lovely Gift Set 150ml + 100ml
Only: 10.70 €
Panthenol Extra Beauty Spirit Femme Eau Te Toilette 50ml + Body Milk 200ml
A feminine fragrance with an ethereal and elegant combination of notes of b...
Only: 10.75 €
Panthenol Extra Youthful Skin Day Cream SPF15 50ml + Face & Eye Serum 30ml
Panthenol Extra Youthful Skin facial set for youthful, radiant and hydrated...
Only: 10.95 €
Panthenol Extra Femme Eau De Toilette 50ml + Femme Cleanser 3IN1 200ml
Aroma and Hydration Together in a Gift Wrap
Only: 11.10 €
Panthenol Extra Cleanse & Glow Retinol Anti-Aging Face Cream 30ml + Face Cleansing Gel 150ml
Retinol Cream & Facial Cleanser
Only: 11.90 €
Panthenol Extra Youthful Skin
Anti-Aging Face And Eye Serum + Anti-Aging Face And Eye Cream
Only: 12.55 €
Korres Black Volcanic Minerals Mascara 3D Volume 8ml
Mascara For 3D Volume And Intense Colour
Only: 12.65 €
Korres Yoghurt Hydrate Your Skin Tinted Sunscreen Face Cream SPF50 50ml + 2 Gifts
The set contains: Yogurt Sunscreen Tinted Face Cream SPF50 50ml + GIFT Gree...
Only: 12.70 €
Apivita Aqua Beelicious Fine Fluid Moisturizer for Natural Glow Gift Box
Fine Fluid Moisturizing Cream for Natural Glow SPF30 + GIFT Black Cleansing...
Only: 13.00 €
Cerave Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF30 52ml και Δώρο Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser 50ml
Moisturizing Facial Cream SPF30 + Foaming Facial Cleansing Cream
Only: 13.20 €